I'm Mariah K. co-founder of EmbeLashes. I have been obsessed with Lashes for a very long time and I came to realize most lashes are over-priced. Also, it's hard to find the best lash style that fits your features! 😭😭 

I tried finding affordable luxury lashes that could be conveniently sent to me each month. Not. Any. Around. That's how my soulmate & I got the idea 💡 To offer the most affordable luxury lash subscription service!✨ This way it's convenient for lash lovers to get ahold of affordable luxury lashes. 







EmbeLashes wants to push the luxury lash industry to the next level: 

We studied the Beauty Industry to find what was needed when it came to a luxury lash company. EmbeLashes discovered that it is hard for makeup lovers to find the perfect pair of lashes that fit their looks and facial features. We fixed this problem and made it simple: EmbeLashes will surprise subscribers with 2 different Lash styles each month until all subscribers find their favorite pairs!💞 Whether you want a natural look, or dare to be bold, there are hundreds of different lash styles in the Beauty world and you will be able to try them all through our subscription service!💞

✓ We use the most high quality material | Mink Lashes | Silk Lashes | Micro Fiber Lashes | Faux Mink Lashes| all high quality lash styles will be sent to you to find your favorite one. Note: You can request to exclude any lash materials in your subscription. Just contact us.

✓ Our Lashes are handmade and are made of the most high quality material on the market. We offer 100's of styles and only offer Cruelty Free Lashes 🐰

We are excited for what we can do for the beauty industry. EmbeLashes just recently became the most affordable luxury lash subscription service in the beauty industry and we want you to be a part of it!💞 All of our luxury Lashes are handmade with elegance and care.