Embelashes was founded for 1 simple reason: to provide the most affordable luxury lashes!

Luxury Lashes are pretty expensive! Many lash brands today charge high prices just for 1 pair of lashes. This can make it pricey to find different styles & looks that fit you. No one wants to break the bank for 1 pair of lashes that you might not like! EmbeLashes gives you the option to try 100's of different luxury lashes until you find the ones you absolute love. All this will be done at one flat rate affordable price!✨

So that’s why Embelashes was created, we want to help you find every style of lash that is perfect for any style you are going for. We will make sure to offer you the best lashes money can buy without breaking the bank. Our price will be $15 for 2 different pairs/style of luxury lashes every month. Our goal was to the most affordable luxury lash brand in the beauty industry and we did just that!✨

—our hopes are to make you feel beautiful in every pair of eyelashes you try on 💌

When you subscribe to Embelashes be prepared to get surprised by each and every pair of luxury lashes you receive! ❤️